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#17379 - 09/16/16 06:33 PM Multi-function, multi-materials workshop?
Joel_BC Offline
New in town
Registered: 09/27/15
Posts: 3
Loc: Western Canada
I'm on a small rural acreage. My shop situation is that I’ve got two separate, fairly compact spaces for working with wood (or general “handyman” repairs for the home) and for working with metal (cutting, welding, grinding, etc). My metal area is where I also often work with small-engine equipment. These spaces are located inconveniently, separated by nearly 100 feet. I think about how I might like to combine functions under one roof.

So I’m posting to try to coax some of you guys to show me how you may have done this. Obviously, no one wants to get sawdust into an area where torch flames or electric-welding sparks could cause a hazard. And you wouldn’t want to get engine lubricants or solvents mixed up with wood projects.

Discussion and description are fine, but I’d really like to see pictures or floor-plan diagrams if possible. To be realistic, I don’t think I could learn much that I can apply, in my own life and situation, from million-dollar shops (or even half-million $ ones!) I could probably only build an enclosure of about 16x24 ft, with a bay door. (I could probably learn something from shops that are somewhat bigger than this.)

I know that in my grampa's day, farm shops were usually multi-purpose. You know, for "bench carpentry", and maintaining or servicing the truck or tractor, welding bailer components back together, etc. Often had a tablesaw, maybe a bandsaw - besides the hoist, welders, socket wrenches. I suppose sometimes a fire did occur in one shop or another, but probably not often.

I'd like to see some more modern versions, rather than just the "version" I have in terms of vague memories. Thanks.
#17380 - 09/16/16 09:01 PM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: Joel_BC]
Lincoln Offline
MBN Enthusiast
Registered: 03/25/11
Posts: 651
Loc: Parry Sound Ontario Canada *****
I am not likely to be much help... my woodworking stuff I do in the basement of the house and am just in the process of getting the shed set up to use for small engine/welding projects.
My thought for everything being in one building would be to have a wall separating the two... maybe with a garage door even between the two, just in case.
If you can't weld well.....weld lots...
#17381 - 09/16/16 09:54 PM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: Lincoln]
f350ca Offline
MBN Enthusiast
Registered: 02/15/10
Posts: 531
Loc: Calabogie Ontario Canada *****
Joel the two don't mix. I do machining welding and cabinet work, did it in one space for a lot of years but now have a two story 24 x 36 building, machine shop on the ground level and a cabinet shop upstairs. There's no inside stair case and both floors are sealed and hot water heated. I never smell oil in the cabinet shop or wood in the other.
The cabinet work was never a big problem for the machine tools and welding only required a bit of sweeping but dust from a grinder or a spray from a hydraulic line soon ruins a dresser, or stack of raw lumber for that matter.
Free advice is usually worth exactly what you pay for it>
#17383 - 09/17/16 07:16 AM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: f350ca]
nnaatz Offline
MBN member
Registered: 02/25/10
Posts: 316
Loc: dexter, mn
A friend of mine essentially has a 28x42 3 stall garage with one bay walled for wood shop the other side is 18 foot single door to park an d work on his cars
so many irons, so little fire
#17385 - 09/17/16 12:09 PM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: nnaatz]
bunkclimber Offline
MBN Old hand
Registered: 02/14/10
Posts: 1101
Loc: Maryland *****
I do both wood and metal/weld/mechanical in my work space,just make sure to do a good wall to wall sweep-up when done with wood.The problem with wood is the dust gets into everything,its a fire hazard..and metal dust and grindings do their thing,too..ive been thru 3 stereos due to grinder dust alone..the last one went up in a cloud of smoke..but it was time to upgrade anyway
#17387 - 09/18/16 05:00 AM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: bunkclimber]
JimC Offline
MBN Enthusiast
Registered: 04/17/11
Posts: 613
Loc: Virginia U.S.A.
Ventilation and dust collectors help a lot. I have my wood working stuff all hooked up to a collection system. Makes a Big difference. grinder dust is more difficult... I try to do most of my grinding outside...I go through a lot of filters in my air handler.
Life is what you make of it. So, why not make a working machine to make it easier.
#17390 - 09/18/16 12:28 PM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: JimC]
Joel_BC Offline
New in town
Registered: 09/27/15
Posts: 3
Loc: Western Canada
bunkclimber and JimC, how much floor area do your shops have?

Any chance that anybody here has pics or floor-plan sketches?
#17517 - 11/05/16 11:48 AM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: Joel_BC]
Joel_BC Offline
New in town
Registered: 09/27/15
Posts: 3
Loc: Western Canada
Still hoping that anybody here has pics or floor-plan sketches of their own multi-material, multi-function shops... grin

Just for fun, I thought I'd post these things I found on the web. Not all of the Youtube vids give much idea of the floor layout. And none of these shops is a particularly "perfect" example, but these are real work spaces where things get built, repaired, maintained.

Admittedly, the guy in this next one has invested a lot of money in his shop space & equipment, and has a 900 sq ft space - but he does have metal-working/welding and woodworking functions on one level, under one roof...

As I mentioned before, I could probably only afford to build an enclosure of about 16x24 ft, with a bay door. But I believe I can learn a thing or two from shops that are a bit bigger than that.

Edited by Joel_BC (11/05/16 11:51 AM)
#17518 - 11/06/16 04:52 AM Re: Multi-function, multi-materials workshop? [Re: Joel_BC]
bunkclimber Offline
MBN Old hand
Registered: 02/14/10
Posts: 1101
Loc: Maryland *****
joel,you can start with a 16x24 like you say,and add a 8 or 10ft wide lean-to roof off one side for additional workspace..for like say when its raining you could pull a vehicle front end under it to do an oil change or repair..or start a larger project build and not tie up the whole shop and lose work space.Scrape together some money later and pour a concrete pad under the lean-to roof.Get some large casters 4-5"dia,use these for dollies to move equipment around as you need it..helps optimize floor space for bigger jobs by moving less-used things out of the way,or moving them where they are more convenient to use.FWIW

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